Ex BF Adnan Ghalib has 2 hour sex tape with Britney

Saw this story on Philly.com (The Philly Daily News) and it appears to be true. So there is (another?) sex tape with Britney Spears out in the world, he’s just holding out for a secured deal before he will release it. This guy Adnan is a paparazzi so he knows what it’s worth, and so it may be a while be fore we see this sex tape.

Of course I have several questions before it gets released..

Two hours of sex on tape with Britney? Did they really fuck for 2 hours, or is a compilation, or is there some bull shit non fucking on these tapes with a few minutes of sex. If it is two hours of sex, how did he do that? Cialas? Is Adnan a tantra master like Sting? If he did bang Britney for two hours on tape, he may have another job giving classes on how to hold out for hours with top notch bitches.

Who filmed it? Is it a POV style film where he held the camera and it gets set on a nightstand so we have that far off view? Is it in nightshot like the Paris Hilton sex tape? If it is self shot, I hope his papparozo experience taught him to get some good zoom in angles! There’s nothing more boring that porn filmed without zooming in, a camera on a nightstand might be good for someone to remember a sex soire’ , but for everyone who wasn’t involved it’s like watching a game from the nosebleed seats; boring!

Of course there are many other questions about how good this legitimate sex tape with Britney will be. Were they drunk? Did they shave? Lingerie involved? Oral sex? Anal sex? Cum shot? On her tits?

I can’t wait to get more details!

However this ex tape turns out, I still think Britney should make one that has good lighting, and good editing, and really shows a great session of good sex with a beautiful girl. Maybe one day that could happen.  Maybe we’ll get lucky and this from Adnan will be all that and more – fingers are crossed!

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Britney Spears keeps secret sex room filled with sex toys

Okay, with news of this secret sex room coming out, certainly there has got to be a few sex tapes with Britney and friends partying, dancing and fucking in this secret sex lair. I know I would certainly have a few home videos with a set up like this. I am willing to bet that there are a few tapes with her a list celebrity friends including Paris Hilton that are stashed in somewhere for later release. I wonder how they will go about releasing the tape, will it be “stolen” by a maid who stumbled upon the secret sex toy lair. I guess they have already ruined the chance for the ex to release the video. Perhaps they are working on some edits to make sure that it comes out looking better than the paparazzi Britney Spears pussy pics that have been taken.

the following quoted article is from the New York Daily News Gossip Column – truth and accuracy not known…

Britney Spears keeps secret ‘fantasy room’ filled with sex toys – report

A secret sex room? Feces-smeared couches? Another baby on the way? You can bet Kevin Federline and his lawyers are bound to take a keen interest in Star magazine’s latest claims about his ex, Britney Spears.

The tabloid alleges that the plummeting pop star’s Mulholland Drive mansion is equipped with a double-locked, X-rated “Fantasy Room” filled with ticklers, whips and fur-trimmed handcuffs hanging from the metal bedframe. (Please, hold your shudders until the end.)

The second-floor room also features a mirrored ceiling, a glass jar containing spanking paddles and a closet full of kinky outfits, according to an “insider” who stumbled into the den of sin.

“She wears Catholic schoolgirl uniforms, a maid’s uniform and a Cinderella outfit,” claims the mole. The source also contends Brit is so obsessed with Marilyn Monroe that she wants her nose redone to look like the blond model of self-destruction.

“Britney is sexually obsessed,” the source tells Star.

Perhaps K-Fed knows that; they did make two babies. But his legal team, which scours the tabloid media for new evidence of maternal incompetence, is possibly less familiar with the claim that Brit leaves some of her sex toys out in the living room. When — and if — she regains custody of Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 14 months, Federline may not be tickled about them finding her ticklers.

Star’s source also claims the house is a stinky sty — that the white couches bear hideous stains of diaper-changing and Britney’s dog. According to the tab, a “court-appointed watchdog” is set to declare the place a potential “health hazard.”

But back to the pleasure equipment — who’s helping Brit use it? According to the mag, her “new squeeze” is Michael Marchand, a Hollywood waiter and aspiring actor. But his mom insists that they’re “just friends” who like “watching videos together and playing Scrabble.”

Despite such innocent pursuits, Star quotes “multiple independent sources” as saying Brit is expecting again.

“Yes, I am pregnant and I am shocked — almost four weeks to be exact,” says Brit, or someone claiming to be Brit, in a message on her MySpace page, according to Star. “I don’t really know if I’m happy or sad I’m just … idk [I don’t know] I am happy I guess. I saw the ultrasound and it was really kewl!”

Spears’ reps didn’t get back to us. Federline’s mouthpiece declined comment.

With Sean Evans and Shallon Lester. Edited by Lance D. Debler.

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Britney and her sex tape out of the news

It seems that Britney and her sex tape have been out of the news for some time now.. I guess she will wait until her next album gets released, and then there will be a controversial snippet released I bet. After th album has had a chance to sell, and when sales drop off I canolny hope then that the offical sex tape will be made public. But who knows…

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sex tape news around the web

Here’ some of the buzz I;ve found from around the web…

 There were a couple Britney digg stories that got majorly dugg with some discussion there including …

I just think it’s sad that she’s setting such a poor example.

And a shocking sex tape? Give me a break. It’s not that shocking if you already have a habit of fricking *filming yourself having sex*.

Is that really all that common? Sheesh. – Jamester

And then there were major news houses reaping major internet traffic with a well done page like this one on CBS news, all  kinds of great misleading information was well crafted onto a hot Britney Spears Sex Tape page – whew!

cbs brittany sex stories - nov 20

cbs brittany sex stories - nov 20 - 2

It is a long and well writtena nd researched, informative article thoug, and some funny comments there as well as of this writing..

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gem from buzzle

I just found this gem from buzzle in 2004 – kind of funny to read…

Sources close to Britney Spears say that she is reeling from the news that a Louisiana man posted an ad on the Internet claiming to have a sex video featuring him and Britney Spears having sex. One of Britney Spears friends say that even though Britney knows the video was a sham it still bothered her. Brit reportedly said of the episode, “It’s like a nightmare I can’t wake up from.”

The ad, posted on the popular sales web site craigslist.org, read “Need help selling celeb porn tape.” The ad went on to read, “I’m kinda unsure how to do this, being a ‘county (sic) boy’ but I have a tape shot of me and Britney Spears and I was wondering if anyone in…LA would know who I could sell it to (sic). I need the money and she doesn’t (sic) even talk to me anymore. This is in or around Kentwood, LA.”

And that was in 2004… whoa.. Not exactly sure where Buzzle.com got that from or if it was just satire, it is hard to tell when you see things on the the internet today.


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The Britney Spears Sex Tape Scandal is out of control!

I just can not belive it! Thehype! The rumors! The deals.. all of the news this past few days has led to a huge storm of controversy over Britney Spears and her soon to be divorced Kevin Federline and a sex tape that is being denied, and faked.

There had been rumors about a real Britney Spears sex tape many months ago, but that spurred on a quick denial and law suit from Spears against US magazine. A high court judge later ruled that Britney’s reputation is not hurt and therefor she can not claim to be defamed by an article that claims she has made a sex tape, because her character of “Britney Spears” has a sexual persona already, and that it therefore could not defamation, someone saying that she had made a sex tape.

Anyways, a while laterm it comesout that her andFederline are getting a divorce, one rumor starts that Kev is given an offer of $30 million for the sex tape, then another rumor hits about a small video clip on pornotube is a free clip from the Britney Spears sex video. Pornotube’s servers almost overload over the amount of people that log on to look see it. I think everyone agrees that that first clip on pornotube, which is no longer labeled the Britney Spears sex tape”, could have been Britney sucking some cock, but it is now considered to be a hoax video post. Although the question is still hot topic right now as to wether there even exists such a tape.

Someone told me that they saw on the news, and apparently ther is a yahoo news story saying that Kev’s lawyer is giving an official statemtent saying there is no suxh sex tape.

Although with so many people wanting to see britney getting it on, and so much money that has been rumored to have been offered ($50 million, $100 million), and Britney meeting with Paris Hilton in Vegas recently, I think we could all still hope that a hot sex tape with Britney will come out one day.

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