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Here’ some of the buzz I;ve found from around the web…

 There were a couple Britney digg stories that got majorly dugg with some discussion there including …

I just think it’s sad that she’s setting such a poor example.

And a shocking sex tape? Give me a break. It’s not that shocking if you already have a habit of fricking *filming yourself having sex*.

Is that really all that common? Sheesh. – Jamester

And then there were major news houses reaping major internet traffic with a well done page like this one on CBS news, all  kinds of great misleading information was well crafted onto a hot Britney Spears Sex Tape page – whew!

cbs brittany sex stories - nov 20

cbs brittany sex stories - nov 20 - 2

It is a long and well writtena nd researched, informative article thoug, and some funny comments there as well as of this writing..

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