Ex BF Adnan Ghalib has 2 hour sex tape with Britney

Saw this story on Philly.com (The Philly Daily News) and it appears to be true. So there is (another?) sex tape with Britney Spears out in the world, he’s just holding out for a secured deal before he will release it. This guy Adnan is a paparazzi so he knows what it’s worth, and so it may be a while be fore we see this sex tape.

Of course I have several questions before it gets released..

Two hours of sex on tape with Britney? Did they really fuck for 2 hours, or is a compilation, or is there some bull shit non fucking on these tapes with a few minutes of sex. If it is two hours of sex, how did he do that? Cialas? Is Adnan a tantra master like Sting? If he did bang Britney for two hours on tape, he may have another job giving classes on how to hold out for hours with top notch bitches.

Who filmed it? Is it a POV style film where he held the camera and it gets set on a nightstand so we have that far off view? Is it in nightshot like the Paris Hilton sex tape? If it is self shot, I hope his papparozo experience taught him to get some good zoom in angles! There’s nothing more boring that porn filmed without zooming in, a camera on a nightstand might be good for someone to remember a sex soire’ , but for everyone who wasn’t involved it’s like watching a game from the nosebleed seats; boring!

Of course there are many other questions about how good this legitimate sex tape with Britney will be. Were they drunk? Did they shave? Lingerie involved? Oral sex? Anal sex? Cum shot? On her tits?

I can’t wait to get more details!

However this ex tape turns out, I still think Britney should make one that has good lighting, and good editing, and really shows a great session of good sex with a beautiful girl. Maybe one day that could happen.  Maybe we’ll get lucky and this from Adnan will be all that and more – fingers are crossed!

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