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Britney and her sex tape out of the news

It seems that Britney and her sex tape have been out of the news for some time now.. I guess she will wait until her next album gets released, and then there will be a controversial snippet released I bet. After th album has had a chance to sell, and when sales drop off I canolny hope then that the offical sex tape will be made public. But who knows…

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The Britney Spears Sex Tape Scandal is out of control!

I just can not belive it! Thehype! The rumors! The deals.. all of the news this past few days has led to a huge storm of controversy over Britney Spears and her soon to be divorced Kevin Federline and a sex tape that is being denied, and faked.

There had been rumors about a real Britney Spears sex tape many months ago, but that spurred on a quick denial and law suit from Spears against US magazine. A high court judge later ruled that Britney’s reputation is not hurt and therefor she can not claim to be defamed by an article that claims she has made a sex tape, because her character of “Britney Spears” has a sexual persona already, and that it therefore could not defamation, someone saying that she had made a sex tape.

Anyways, a while laterm it comesout that her andFederline are getting a divorce, one rumor starts that Kev is given an offer of $30 million for the sex tape, then another rumor hits about a small video clip on pornotube is a free clip from the Britney Spears sex video. Pornotube’s servers almost overload over the amount of people that log on to look see it. I think everyone agrees that that first clip on pornotube, which is no longer labeled the Britney Spears sex tape”, could have been Britney sucking some cock, but it is now considered to be a hoax video post. Although the question is still hot topic right now as to wether there even exists such a tape.

Someone told me that they saw on the news, and apparently ther is a yahoo news story saying that Kev’s lawyer is giving an official statemtent saying there is no suxh sex tape.

Although with so many people wanting to see britney getting it on, and so much money that has been rumored to have been offered ($50 million, $100 million), and Britney meeting with Paris Hilton in Vegas recently, I think we could all still hope that a hot sex tape with Britney will come out one day.

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