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sex tape news around the web

Here’ some of the buzz I;ve found from around the web…

 There were a couple Britney digg stories that got majorly dugg with some discussion there including …

I just think it’s sad that she’s setting such a poor example.

And a shocking sex tape? Give me a break. It’s not that shocking if you already have a habit of fricking *filming yourself having sex*.

Is that really all that common? Sheesh. – Jamester

And then there were major news houses reaping major internet traffic with a well done page like this one on CBS news, all  kinds of great misleading information was well crafted onto a hot Britney Spears Sex Tape page – whew!

cbs brittany sex stories - nov 20

cbs brittany sex stories - nov 20 - 2

It is a long and well writtena nd researched, informative article thoug, and some funny comments there as well as of this writing..

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gem from buzzle

I just found this gem from buzzle in 2004 – kind of funny to read…

Sources close to Britney Spears say that she is reeling from the news that a Louisiana man posted an ad on the Internet claiming to have a sex video featuring him and Britney Spears having sex. One of Britney Spears friends say that even though Britney knows the video was a sham it still bothered her. Brit reportedly said of the episode, “It’s like a nightmare I can’t wake up from.”

The ad, posted on the popular sales web site, read “Need help selling celeb porn tape.” The ad went on to read, “I’m kinda unsure how to do this, being a ‘county (sic) boy’ but I have a tape shot of me and Britney Spears and I was wondering if anyone in…LA would know who I could sell it to (sic). I need the money and she doesn’t (sic) even talk to me anymore. This is in or around Kentwood, LA.”

And that was in 2004… whoa.. Not exactly sure where got that from or if it was just satire, it is hard to tell when you see things on the the internet today.


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